New Wiki Created for The Dark Army – Wikia!

A somewhat new (created in April 2017) wiki was created on Wikia for the Rtcw SP mod called The Dark Army! That’s right – The Dark Army now has a wiki that’s entirely dedicated to everything about the mod, like characters, weapons, items, and more. You can find the link below. Wikia link: Source: Ronboy Productions  

RTCW – Completing All Trickjump Maps

Homiee has completed ALL RTCW Trickjump maps with some nice drum & bass on the background from dj’s of his hometown. This clip is 8.41.:35 hour s long.  😯  Talk about dedication! Download: RTCW TJ Maps: RTCW TJ Demos: Some screenshots of the project etc: Trickjump maps played Music: 00:00 – One87 & Hookerz feat. …

New Rtcw SP Review Uploaded – Ronboy Reviews The Dark Army: Uprising!

Ronboy has uploaded a review of the Rtcw SP standalone mod called The Dark Army: Uprising! Note that it’s a rather long review, but it’s very detailed, so please take the time to read it. The link to the review is posted below. Review link: Source: Ronboy Productions

Wolfenstein 2009 OST Soundtracks Uploaded By Yo$hik!

Yo$hik has uploaded the Wolfenstein 2009 OST soundtracks! You can listen to them all below. Bill Brown – The Ship Incident [01] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack) Bill Brown – The Trainyard [02] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack) Bill Brown – The Digsite [03] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack) Bill Brown – Revealing The Machine [04] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack)

85 Prøductions looking for a Voice Actor for (The Dark Army: Downfall).

This is an unpaid position for voice acting multiple German main characters who speak English, in the upcoming The Dark Army: Downfall, Return To Castle Wolfenstein mod and sequel to the much-popular The Dark Army: Uprising which ended in the Top 100 during the 2016 Mod of the Year Awards Mod DB annual competition. The …

Frostbite is coming to ET: Legacy!

#Frostbite, one of the most popular maps of both Return to Castle Wolfenstein (multiplayer) and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, makes its great return on July 1, in ET: Legacy! Here’s the official trailer, initially supposed to be shown during the GameON 2017 (17-18 czerwca 2017) event which is currently taking place in Kielce, Poland. Stay-tuned for …

ET:Legacy – team reveals second teaser for their suprise.

Kemon revealed today ET:Legacys second teaser for their upcoming suprise on ET:Legacy Discord channel. Maybe some already guessed, this is a ET map. But which one?  😀 Kemon also said, to hold on a little bit longer,  because @titeuf85 has all those sweet juicy details tomorrow.  🙂