Interview with Niek from [UJE]Clan

Time for another interview and this time one of the most known mappers for ET and founder of the popular [UJE]Clan, Mr Niek.

Q. Thanks Niek for taking time for this interview.
No problem , It is an honor to be asked.
Q. What kind of ET clan is UJE?
It is a cozy club of older people playing a game in the evening.
Mainly with people who play for objective.
Q. You have been running UJE Clan now for a long time. How many years have you been running UJE Clan?
Well, I started the ujeclan in 2003 with a homeserver with only people that i know, but then we started to make maps and alot people from over the world started to join us, so we got a bit bigger. So this year we exist 14 years.
Q. It has been a very popular ET clan and with nice servers to play on. How come it’s so popular?
Our teamplay server is only popular for people that play for objective because of the restrictions and settings.
Like with the sniperserver it is the only crossable server.
But the main thing i believe, is that 90% of the players and members are over 30 and we treat everyone with respect as they deserve. And believe me not everyone deserves that.

New Rtcw SP Videos Uploaded – Yo$hik Plays Horrors of Hell and Hell Mappack Remake In Extreme Quality!

Today, Yo$hik has uploaded playthroughs for the Rtcw SP releases called Horrors of Hell and Hell Mappack Remake in “extreme quality”! You can watch them below.

RtCW: Horrors of Hell (Extreme quality) | part 1

RtCW: Horrors of Hell (Extreme quality) | part 2

RtCW: Hell mappack (Extreme quality)


Source: Ronboy Productions


=F|A= Easter Game Day – 8th April

Ladies and Gentlemen.

On behalf of FA members, I would like to invite you all to participate in Easter Game Day.


Name: Easter Game Day
Time: Noon to 7AM London time (convert your timezone)
Date: 8th April
Server Name: F|A BEGINNERS #2 XPS (
Server IP:
Details: Panzerwar, sniperwar, riflewar, speed and gravity adjustment and much more
Teamspeak server IP:

Timezone Converter

Take out your easter hunt hats and get in to your Bunny costumes cause its gameday time .

See you on the server

Fearless Assassins WEBSITE

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New Rtcw SP Video Uploaded – Vicpas Plays SteinVillage!

Vicpas (Vicente Pasquino) has uploaded a walkthrough for the RTCW SP addon called SteinVillage! You can watch it below.

Source: Ronboy Productions


News Update for Rtcw SP Project | Castle Wewelsburg – Intro Cutscene Finished!

Ronboy´s RTVW SP project called Castle Wewelsburg has progressed once again! The intro OSA cutscene is finished (for now).

You can read much more information on his Mod DB post H E R E

Source: Ronboy Productions

The official website of #TheDarkArmyDOWNFALL (on Wix) has been opened today!

A few more details regarding its cast/contributors!

Check out their nice website H E R E


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New Rtcw SP Videos Uploaded – Vicpas Plays Green Forest and Battle Of Stalingrad!

Yesterday, Vicpas (Vicente Pasquino) uploaded walkthroughs for the Rtcw SP addons called Green Forest and Battle of Stalingrad (aka Stalingrad Remake)! You can watch them below.

Green Forest_Demo

Battle of Stalingrad_Demo

Source: Ronboy Productions