We continue our interviews with a guy from the RTCW scene, Ronboy!

Q. You have your own website about RTCW stuff, right?
Of course. My previous website was here (now abandoned): http://ronboymaps.webs.com/
My current website runs on the awesome free website service known as Wix: Ronboy’s website
Q. How do you keep up with the latest RTCW info?
I simply check all forums, websites, and Youtube channels to see if there is anything to advertise to the community or any new releases to try.
Q. Are you mapping or making other projects with RTCW?
I temporarily stopped mapping for a little over a year (from early 2015 to late 2016). In July of 2016, I finally returned to mapping again with a new project called Castle Wewelsburg: http://www.moddb.com/mods/wewelsburg-castle
Q.How many maps have you made and can you name them.
I have made 11 releases for Rtcw SP.
1. Hell Mappack
2. Fatal Freight Station
3. Airport Assault
4. Beach Attack
5. Olivet Castle
6. Hell Mappack Remake
7. Christmas Map
8. Greenbrier on the Rhine
9. Operation Deathshead
10. Project Uran
11. Horrors of Hell
Q. How did you learn to map?
I learned to map through A LOT of trial and error. It took much patience, and sometimes I wanted to give up on mapping. But I endured the challenges of Rtcw SP mapping, and I quite enjoy it now!
Q.What is your favourite map(s)?
My reviews of recent Rtcw SP releases can be found HERE
Q.Do you also make prefabs and models for RTCW?
Q.Have you been in other projects for RTCW?
Not yet. But I’m regarded by quite a few mappers as an excellent tester.
Q.How would you make RTCW you’re playing better?
I would definately increase the limitations of the game’s engine, map editor, etc… This would allow maps to be bigger, more detailed, and awesome overall. While I don’t have the skills to do this task, I know some people in the community who could do it.
Q. How do you see the RTCW scene today?
Most of my thoughts on Rtcw’s community are posted HERE
Note that this is an old post, and some of the information (like me not mapping) is outdated now.
Q And how do you see the scene in the future?
As long as mappers and modders continue to develop content, and of course people continue to play with that content, the game should stay alive. Unfortunately, it will probably never return to being as active as it once was.
Q.A non-related question: Do you play any instruments, if so, what? 😀
Q.Anything else you would like to add here about RTCW? 
All that I have to say is this: Rtcw 4 ever!