RTCW 6v6 Draftcup this sunday

This sunday there will be an RTCW 6v6 draftcup, to get the game a bit more active again! This is aimed towards european players, but usa players are also welcome to join! A 3v3 onedaycup will follow in a couple of weeks.

Date: Sunday 4 June 2017
Format: 6v6
Map pool: Beach, Village, Ice, Frostbite, Base
Format: single elimination
Coverage: Still looking for somebody who wants to shoutcast/stream the event

Signup: Reply in this news post as following


Aiming towards getting 24 players in total (4 teams). Players who post here beforehand will have a “slot” reserved to play. The drafting and communications will happen on the new RTCW discord channel (link below). Drafting starts at 19.30 CET and games will begin at 20.00 CET. Cu there!

RTCW Discord Channel 

Download RTCW 1.4 (pre-installed)

RTCW Configs

Source: Crossfire

RTCW Remake Mod Team Needs Help – Programmers Wanted!

The RTCW Remake Mod dev team posted a “help wanted” request! They need programmers in order to improve the mod by adding new features and other tasks. If you know how to work with RTCW’s code, then don’t hesitate to contact the mod’s team to help them. You can contact them on the mod’s official Mod DB page below.

Click the button to go to their page

RTCW Remake Mod

Source: Ronboy Productions

New RTCW SP Video Uploaded – RealRTCW 2.1 With Ironsights!

An ironsights feature was added by Miki45 (aka Happy Patch) as an unofficial addition to RealRTCW 2.1! Unfortunately, the feature is not considered complete and more work may be needed to complete it.

Miki45 will not be publishing this as a downloadable feature, but the source code for it was instead placed on the Pastebin link below. Any coders out there are welcome to finish and publish this feature, even if it’s not as an addon for RealRTCW.

Source code download link: https://pastebin.com/xsgM1yYP

Let’s hope that a coder decides to complete and release this ironsights feature for RTCW!

Source: Ronboy Productions

Happy 14th birthday, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

Splash Damage’s first game – Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – was released exactly FOURTEEN YEARS ago. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was born on 29/05/2003. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to the popular FPS Return to Castle Wolfenstein and later as a standalone game.

However, due to problems with the single-player aspect, the multiplayer portion was released on 29 May 2003 as a freeware standalone game.
In January 2004, the source code for the game logic (not the game engine) was released to the benefit of its modding community.
The game uses a modified Return to Castle Wolfenstein engine, itself being a heavily modified Quake III: Team Arena engine (id Tech 3, which has been open-source since 2005).

As of the first day of the 2010 QuakeCon, 12 August the entire source code was released under the GNU General Public License v3.Multiple source ports have been started.

While the attempts made by OpenWolf and ET:Xreal concentrate on innovating the renderer, the most active community project ET: Legacy focuses on fixing issues by backporting improvements from ioquake3 while staying binary compatible to the original game client, server and its mods.

Source: Splatterladder – RtCW4ever

Large Update Posted For RTCW SP Mod – Castle Wewelsburg!

Finally, a new update regarding Castle Wewelsburg! Ronboy have a handful of information to give to you all, so prepare yourself!


First of all, I want to mention that the final release of Castle Wewelsburg will have disabled cheats. This means that players will NOT be able to cheat at any time while playing the mod. My reason for deciding on this is simple: I strongly dislike cheating, and I want to discourage it as much as possible. A great way to do this, in my opinion, is to remove the possibility of players cheating their way through Castle Wewelsburg.

I realize that some players only cheat sometimes for fun, but in my opinion, cheating ruins immersion. As I’ve stated in previous updates regarding Castle Wewelsburg, I want this to be my best release by far. In order to accomplish this, I think that disabling cheats is a step in the right direction.

Second of all, Castle Wewelsburg will have easter eggs, like the recently released The Dark Army: Uprising did. These easter eggs will range from secret rooms that are difficult to access to bigger secrets like bonus levels. The bonus levels will NOT be connected in any way to the story of Castle Wewelsburg. This means that, in total, the mod will probably have almost 10 levels, with most of them being playable. As always, this is subject to change since the mod is still in the works.

Krefeld Battlground – ET LAN next week

There will be lots of ET to follow next week when legends and community meets in Krefeld, Germany at TaKeTV venue from Friday all day to Sunday.

  • Where? Take TV Venue in Krefeld
  • When? From Friday, May 19th 10.00 CEST to Sunday, May 21st 20.00 CEST
  • What? 6on6 tournament with 10 teams and 3on3 tournament with 12 teams
  • Prizes? ~3.000 Euro
  • Who? Tournament staff: Germany chosen, Germany stRay, Sweden Ekto, Netherlands Sebhes
  • More information about the event

There will be ETTV and Livestreams: One community stream from onsite and Merlinator from his home.

Check https://www.gamestv.org/ for matches, for coverage go to http://teamoxid.de and http://www.crossfire.nu

If you decide to visit: There is no entrance fee and we welcome any visitor
PM Chosen on Splashdamage if u have any questions.

More info on Crossfire

Source: chosen on Splashdamage


New Hotfix Released for RealRTCW 2.1 – Proper Vsync Support Added!

WolfETPlayer has released a hotfix for his RTCW SP mod called RealRTCW Realism Mod Version 2.1! This hotfix adds proper vsync (r_swapinterval) support for the mod, which gives players an opportunity to increase the game’s FPS further and add more smoothness to the gameplay. You can download the hotfix below.


Source: Ronboy Productions