Halloween is almost over..
Let’s say goodbye to this great time of the year.

We have uploaded some cool songs to make it a real party! ūüôā
Every gametype is possible!

Time & Date:
5th November at 9PM РNOON UTC+01:00
Convert your timezone #HERE

Place To Be:

Save the date!

Hope to see YOU on our first event and we hope you will have a great time!

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Halloween Event on Teammuppet

Teammuppet is organizing a Halloween Event on their server. Info about the event you’ll find below.

Date: 4th of November

Time: 7 p.m. GMT (https://time.is/GMT)



TS3 Server: ts.teammuppet.com

Teammuppet website

Source: Teammuppet

Why Wolfenstein 2 doesn’t have a multiplayer

 from PCGamer had an small interview about this with lead designer Tommy Tordsson Björk that said, the story is what makes the game special.

Read the interview below:

Former BioWare guy Manveer Heir recently gave an interview in which he said that Electronic Arts is prioritizing more open-world games, because they’re¬†easier to monetize¬†and can go on more or less indefinitely. Yet in this recent¬†GamesIndustry¬†report, current MachineGames guy Tommy Tordsson Bj√∂rk said his studio is doing exactly the opposite with the upcoming¬†Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, because cramming in multiplayer would detract too much from the story it wants to tell.

“The only way we can create these super immersive narrative experiences is if we can solely focus on the single-player,” Tordsson Bj√∂rk said at Gamescom, which actually took place in August. “Having a multiplayer component in this work process would just dilute it all. That’s the danger if you try to do two things at once.”

MachineGames considers its Wolfenstein games to be action adventures rather than shooters, “because we feel there’s so much more to them than just shooting,” he added. Obviously the core gameplay is all about the guns, but Tordsson Bj√∂rk said it’s the setting and the story that really put it over the top.

“It’s a fictional setting, of course, and it’s a crazy story, but we tried to stay honest and tell it as honestly as we can. That’s our goal,” he said. “There are so many things you aren’t seeing. We’re definitely pushing the limits, but at the same time continuing what makes Wolfenstein really special: the drama, the human relationships, with dark humor and violence. It’s pushing them all, on all fronts.”

It will never stop feeling weird to me to think of Wolfenstein as a character-driven game with a strong emphasis on the underlying narrative. I don’t want to oversell the point‚ÄĒWolfenstein 2 remains, at its core, a game about killing Nazis¬†by the truckload‚ÄĒnor do I think it represents a broader overall shift in how the industry approaches the genre. But it is a nice change from the attitude that led to a multiplayer mode in the famously story-focused shooter Spec Ops: The Line, an addition mandated by publisher 2K Games that lead designer Cory Davis described (very angrily, I’m guessing) as “cancerous” and “a waste of money.”

Source: PC Gamer

Autumn/Halloween Gameday on Fearless Assassins

Do you know about a day

That’s not so very far away?

Everywhere there’s orange and black.

And chill are running up your back.


Ladies and Gentleman =F|A= Clan proudly Presents yet another GAMEDAY for all there Friends,regulars,admins.For all ET Crazy nubs and Insurgency Crazy Nubs.

Name: Autumn/Halloween Gameday
Time: Noon to 7AM London time (convert your timezone) http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ 
Date: 28th October
Server Name: F|A JAYMOD #2
Server IP: jay2.clan-fa.com:27960
Details: Halloween Maps,Panzerwar,sniperwar,Riflewar,Gravity and speed.
Discord server: https://discord.gg/WAMJnH5

Name: Autumn/Halloween Gameday

Time: Noon to 7AM London time (convert your timezone) http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ 
Date: 29th October
Server Name: F|A #2 Coop Hardcore .
Server IP:
Details: Halloween skins,gravity etc.
Discord server: https://discord.gg/WAMJnH5

Source: Fearless Assassins


New RtCW SP Video Uploaded – V8PRO Plays Skin Arena!

V8PRO has uploaded a playthrough for the Rtcw SP map called Skin Arena! You can watch it below.

Source: Ronboy Productions

Running Down The History Of Wolfenstein, The World’s First First-Person Shooter

Gameinformer published an article some weeks ago about the history of Wolfenstein games. Intresting to read for those who are new to the Wolfenstein franchise.

Here’s their article:

First-person shooters are inescapable, with the biggest franchises letting players roam the battlefields of history and imagination to mow down foes, win wars, and emerge as the top contender on scoreboards. The genre hasn’t always been as ubiquitous as its current success suggests, however.

While Doom is often remembered as the game that kickstarted the first-person shooter craze, Wolfenstein 3D paved the way for its sci-fi sibling to come screaming into existence. However, Wolfenstein is more than just a stepping stone. Over the years the pulpy WW2 has changed several developers’ hands, constantly transmuting and bouncing all over the place tone-wise, but has never lost its identity, even when both Medal of Honor and Call of Duty arrived, choosing to wallow about in arcadey violence instead of following the more realistic and procedural design of more modern WWII titles for two decades.

With Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus out in a few weeks’ time, we thought it pertinent to go over the long history of the series and break down the confusing chronology of its decades-long storyline.

Shootin’, Stabbin’, Sneakin’ Around Nazis
Wolfenstein arrived nearly a decade before we first met the bare-chested, machine gun-wielding Schwarzenegger stand-in B.J. Blazkowicz. Castle Wolfenstein and its sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, were action-adventure titles developed for the Apple II and Commodore-64 that put more emphasis on infiltration and sneaking than the bloodletting of its successors.

Let’s not misspeak here: you still killed a lot of Nazis in these games. However, both titles had more in common with the pre-Solid Metal Gear games than anything else, letting you hide bodies, pick locks, and stab enemies. These early titles were a far cry from the constant stream of bullets tearing apart Nazis that would come to define the series’ ethos. Still, Muse Software’s adventure series laid the foundation for later Wolfenstein titles, particularly with its thematic focus on infiltrating bases, keeps, and bunkers.

In 1992, id Software, at that point known for the amusing platformer Commander Keen, took the series in a bold new direction that changed video games forever.

Ronboy has uploaded new COD: UO Videos | United Fronts Mod – Version 1.0!

Ronboy has uploaded his playthrough of the Call of Duty: United Offensive SP mod called United Fronts (version 1.0).

He has worked very hard and put alot of hours during his free time to record these videos.

You can watch the videos here at Ronboys website.