Battalion 1944 – Official Pre-Announcement Trailer (2018)

Yesterday, the developers of Battalion 1944 FPS Multiplayer game released a pre-announcement trailer.  @Battalion1944 @brammertron @thebulkhead  Quoting game developer “KingHoward” from Battalion forums:   Today we’re officially emerging from the dark. We have some massive things coming in 2018. It’s time to
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Wolfenstein (2009) playthrough

Yo$ihik has published a playthrough of Wolfenstein 2009. Enjoy! Wolfenstein (2009) | part 1 Wolfenstein (2009) | part 2 Wolfenstein (2009) | part 3

History of Wolfenstein 1981 – 2017

Yoshik has uploaded a nice video of the Wolfenstein games. Here’s the video from Yoshik Source: Yoshik’s Youtube channel