Q&A interview with Yo$hik from RTCW.

It’s been awile since last Q&A interview. Yo$hik is an Ukranian RtCW mapper who has contributed alot for the RtCW scene. One of his creations is DARK MATTERS SP MAP MISSION, VENDETTA to name a few. Q. Hello Yo$hik. How
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What new guns you would like to see in RtCW Remake mod?

  Developers of the RtCW Remake Mod is currently editing the game source, Remake Mod Beta 2 and it will have many changes in the gameplay. So now, they are asking YOU, what kind of weapons would you like to
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New RealRtCW Videos Uploaded – Tatiana Plays RealStalingrad!

Tatiana has uploaded a playthrough for the RealRTCW Realism Mod addon called RealStalingrad! Watch the videos below: Note: RealStalingrad, if you didn’t know, is a much improved version of the Rtcw SP addon called Stalingrad, that runs in conjunction with the RealRTCW Realism Mod by WolfETPlayer. RealStalingrad_1 RealStalingrad_2 RealStalingrad_3

New RtCW SP Video Uploaded – V8PRO Plays Skin Arena!

V8PRO has uploaded a playthrough for the Rtcw SP map called Skin Arena! You can watch it below. Source: Ronboy Productions

Running Down The History Of Wolfenstein, The World’s First First-Person Shooter

Gameinformer published an article some weeks ago about the history of Wolfenstein games. Intresting to read for those who are new to the Wolfenstein franchise. Here’s their article: First-person shooters are inescapable, with the biggest franchises letting players roam the
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RealRTCW 2.2 Update

WolfETPlayer has released some more info about the status for the upcoming RealRTCW update. New Shotgun Thanks to the ryven from Splash Damage forums, RealRTCW 2.2 shotgun will have unique reloading mechanic ported straight from the Jaymod for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. BJ will now
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Ronboy’s Youtube 200 Subscriber Special Poll!

If you all haven’t noticed already, Ronboy has reached 200 subscribers on Youtube! Despite this milestone being reached about 2 months ago (He’s quite late, in other words) :). He would like to celebrate this occasion by advertising a poll for his
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