UJE Clan goes Christmas

UJE Clan announced on their Facebook page that they are changing their servers into christmas on december 6th.  Finally Christmas is coming.  😆  Watch the clan’s video HERE UJE Clan WEBSITE UJE Clan FACEBOOK 

Teammuppets Halloween’s bloody afterparty

Teammuppet is organizing a Bloody Halloween After party. And everyone is welcomed! Date: 12th of November Time: 7 p.m. GMT (https://time.is/GMT) Server IP: TS3 Server: ts.teammuppet.com Source: Teammuppet Website

klientpro Winter 3on3 Cup

klientpro is organizing a ET Winter 3on3 cup cause they like the game very much and wants to keep the game alive. Schedule The sign-ups are open now. You can signup your team until 01.12.2017. The groups and teams will be presented 06.12.2017.
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Coniferous trees (md3 models)

            WuTangH from TheWolfTeam has made three (pinetree?)  md3 models for mappers to use. You can download them HERE  conife_tree_gr – healthy green tree conife_tree_dry – not so healthy green tree conife_tree_sn – snowy tree Includes shader file, which
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Halloween Event on Teammuppet

Teammuppet is organizing a Halloween Event on their server. Info about the event you’ll find below. Date: 4th of November Time: 7 p.m. GMT (https://time.is/GMT) IP:  /connect TS3 Server: ts.teammuppet.com Teammuppet website Source: Teammuppet

Autumn/Halloween Gameday on Fearless Assassins

Do you know about a day That’s not so very far away? Everywhere there’s orange and black. And chill are running up your back. Its GAMEDAY TIME !!! Ladies and Gentleman =F|A= Clan proudly Presents yet another GAMEDAY for all
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Presenting the ETernal Damage – Event.

New ET event coming up,  ETernal Damage, an 6on6 Enemy Territory event which will start at the 18th of September. This means everyone who is interested in taking part, has time to register his team until the 10th of September. Team name, the lineup with
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