Interview with Niek from [UJE]Clan

Q. UJE also has Panzer, Sniper and a Trickjump server. Isn’t it time consuming to run 4 servers?
It took alot of time years ago, but now i only have to maintain it.
So it takes a few hours a week.
Q. What kind of players are playing on your servers?
Mostly family guys and woman, when the kids are in bed we become kids and play this teambased objective game.
Q. Someone is probably wondering what UJE means.Can you tell us abit about the clan name?
Well, UJE is the town i live in as we started with alot of people from uje, so it doesn’t mean anything it’s just a town in Holland.
Q. You’ve also made A LOT of maps. How many have you made so far?
I tried to count them but that’s hard, there are over 100 uje maps and alot of different versions.
It also took alot of time to help others with mapping, but the more mappers the longer et will exist.
Q. Including objective maps, you’ve also made Panzer maps and Sniper maps?
Yes, I first started making sniper and panzermaps because they are easier to make, you can learn alot from that.
Q. Where do you get your inspiration/ideas for your maps?
From all sort of things, movies, scenes, models and from conversations with players.
Q. Do you make your own skyboxes, models and prefabs for your maps?
Not much, that would’t take to much time.
There are alot of skyboxes on the internet, and also alot of models on the internet that gives me motivation to build a map.
A few years ago C, Ischbinz and Lorenz helped me with that and also alot of other mappers/modelmakers .
Lately Sage and Fabi help me alot with scripting.
Now i noticed that the mappers and modelmakers work very good together to keep et alive.
Q. I’ve played most of your maps (not all though), in some maps you have some surprise or special thing. I like that “little” extra. Makes the map abit funny too. Do you include in every map something extra?
I try to include something in every map, then it becomes a little special.