Interview with Niek from [UJE]Clan

Q. How long does it take for you to make an objective map?
It use to take months, but now it takes a few weeks because of the prefabs i have from my other maps.
Q. You also make some waypoints for your maps?
I make all waypoints for my maps but the scripting for the bots that they play better and know what todo are made by others.
MickyP and Crapshoot from omnibot helped with that, now Captain from our clan does that work , and i must say he does it very good ,i am always happy with every help i get.
Q. Are you working on some new maps at the moment?
Yes , I am always working on new maps or maps that need some rework.
I still have around 10 unfinished maps, but you need motivation to finish them.
Q. How do you see the ET scene today?
Well, the activity is getting lower unfortunately.
Players are checking out new games but mostly come back once they played it. There are still alot of diehard players that will never quit this game.
Q. Anything you wish that could be added/developed for ET? New mods or update the old mods?
I would like to see a new engine for this game, then many people will come back.
But the gamestyle, that should certainly not change.
Irata should just take some time to create a new Noquarter. 🙂
Q. Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I would really like to thank all the people i got involved with over the past 14 years like mapmakers, modelmakers, modmakers, clanleaders, Server owners, players, and i hope they will keep this game alive for another 14 years, then i will try to do that to.
I got a whole lotta friends from over the world thank to this game.
Q. Thank you for this small interview and hope UJE’s
success will go on and new maps will come out.
Thanks for thinking about us and we will do our best to keep this game alive.



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