Interview with TITEUF-85 of 85 Productions developer in the RTCW scene.

Q. How many years have you played RTCW?
Hmm… I don’t really know. Sure, it’s been quite some time since I stopped playing RTCW: MP but I still play RTCW: SP –its campaign and its [very numerous] add-ons/mods. I’ve been playing the game for the first time on PC back in 2004-2005, as I said earlier, and spent an “eternity” on its multiplayer component, playing with my brother, Rocket_Warrior85. It was near 2006 when I stopped playing RTCW: MP, I’d say.
Q. Have you been playing ET aswell?
As I said earlier, yes, I’ve been playing ET. I discovered it near 2005, sometime after I learned the existence of the PC version of RTCW. For sure, I spent more time playing ET than RTCW: MP. ET is a legendary online FPS. It’s free, but hell I’d have paid to play this game because… damn, this game is totally awesome! This is the culmination of the multiplayer Wolfenstein experience, if not the best multiplayer FPS ever made. Just like on RTCW: MP, my brother-in-arms was my own brother, Rocket_Warrior85. We spent more than an eternity on the game. Just like I said earlier, my favorite map is Radar. I played mainly on No Quarter, but also ETpub, Jaymod, N!tmod, ETpro and Bobot. I can’t play as often as in the past, so I don’t play ET as much as I did before, but sometimes I do. If some of you want to play ET, download ET: Legacy for a better experience. ETL takes the original ET game to the present day and makes it more enjoyable. Try-it out if you haven’t already. If some of you want to play ET with me… Well, I think we should all reunite and play the game on its 14th Anniversary, next month. I’ll be there, so beware! 😉
Q. Probably not many knows of 85 Productions. What do you do?
85 Prøductions, initially TITEUF-85 Prøductions, is the name I gave to the crew of my ship. Yep. There’s a storm ahead, which is The Dark Army: Downfall, aka TDA2. My ship will not make it without one solid crew. Voice actors, programmers/coders, translators, testers… all are part of 85 Prøductions. I wouldn’t have made it to release The Dark Army: Uprising without the help of many. It’s going to be the same with TDA2. This sequel is a very ambitious project. Very, very ambitious. I can’t give details right now, but it’s the said storm. With such a storm ahead, a captain needs to have one hell of a crew, prepared for the worst, to hoist the sails and make this damn ship make it out in one piece. A captain is no one without his crew, just like me I’m no one without others. It’s the same with everybody on Earth. You need others to progress, to live.
Q. You are a developer of 85 Productions, are you also the founder?
Yes indeed, founded in 2013. As I said above, I’m the captain of the ship: I’m directing it in the wanted direction but only thanks to one solid and amazing crew.