Interview with TITEUF-85 of 85 Productions developer in the RTCW scene.

Q. Can players or other developers join your team?
Yes, anyone is allowed to apply to join the crew, if he/she didn’t receive an invitation already. Early 2015, I posted many unpaid-job offers on Mod DB, and that’s how it will also be for TDA2. I can confirm that unpaid-job offers will be published later this year. If any of you are interested in joining the development of TDA2 in any way, I advise you to wait until these unpaid-job offers are made public, so you’ll know what I’m asking for.
Q. What made you start 85 Productions?
I needed a team of talented individuals just like a captain needs a crew.
Q. You launched a website recently. What’s it about?
On March 18, I launched the official website of TDA2. It was supposed to be activated the day TDA2 got revealed, but for many reasons it wasn’t finished in time. This website is a simple but effective way to present what TDA2 will be.
Q. What have you released so far for RTCW?
Most of the stuff I’ve released is from last year! Last year was epic! Remade crosshairs/hints/icons, an ammunition box model, some medical locker/box/kit models and items, a helmet model, enhanced additional weapons (based on Alexandre’s amazing original work) but also and more importantly remade weapons! All of this released at once on Mod DB, on April 21, last year. Most of it was re-used later for others’ projects (i.e. RealRTCW uses the remade weapons). But it’s been a big year mainly because TDA was released in December. It was an amazing success, and it even ended in the Top 100 Mods of 2016 during the 2016 Mod of the Year Awards, on Mod DB.
Q. Do you also develop something for ET?
Not right now but it may come. Let’s just say I’ve been talking with other ET mappers/modders about some ideas that could give birth to potential projects and collaborations in the future.
Q. Have you made any maps for RTCW and ET? If so, which ones.
TDA is based on RTCW. So yeah. However, I haven’t released ET maps by myself… yet. In 2012, before it all started with TDA and all, I tried making a map for ET. It was called New Storm, but it ended up in the bin, just like TDA’s prototype the year prior.
Q. Do still play RTCW or ET?
I still play RTCW, but its single-player component only: maps and mods. However, I still play RTCWCOOP, sometimes, and I must say I’ve been playing-it a lot recently, with my brother, Rocket_Warrior85… As for ET, as I said earlier, I don’t play it much anymore. Last time was the week Dingenskirchen B2 was released. I wish I could play more, but often time plays against me.
Q. What is your favorite map(s)?
As I said earlier, Radar is my favorite ET map. Rain on the battlefield is so deep of meaning when it comes to setting the tone and the ambience of a map. As for RTCW: MP, my favorite map is Tram (GOTY map). Oh, and in RTCW: SP it’s the whole “Xlabs” part. I love this part of the game, especially when you meet with Deathshead for the first time.