Interview with TITEUF-85 of 85 Productions developer in the RTCW scene.

Q. Is there still many RTCW servers out there? If so, which one do you recommend?
As I don’t play RTCW: MP anymore, I’m not the right person to ask. However, I’d recommend you, if you want to play RTCW with friends, to try out RTCWCOOP, which is “THE” cooperative gameplay engine mod for fans of the game. There are still some active servers, empty most of the time, but I feel like it will be played by many this year…
Q. How would you make RTCW better?
Although the purpose of TDA, just like TDA2, is to give a continuation to RTCW, while bridging the gap between the classic episodes and the newest, a major part of its assets were released last year, for many devs to uses in their own project(s). RealRTCW uses some of these assets. The purpose of RealRTCW is to make RTCW much, much better. WolfETPlayer did so much of a good job. He’s amazing. And thinking I had some involvement in the birth of RealRTCW is enough to make me feel like I contribute to making RTCW even better than it is. Besides TDA2, I’m working on something very cool, due to release this year, which may interest RTCW players in that way!
Q. How do you see the RTCW and ET scene today?
RTCW: SP is still alive despite the time passing by, but RTCW: MP is almost –if not– dead. But hopefully ET is here for hardcore ‘multiplayer Wolfenstein’ fans. RTCWCOOP has a great potential as well. Much more than you can expect! I’d be interested to see TDA being ported to RTCWCOOP in the future. As I said earlier, I also have some potential ideas regarding ET.
Q. And how do you see these scene’s in the future?
Let’s be realist here: RTCW and ET are meant to die one day, unfortunately, but not before a looong time (longer than you can expect, in fact).
Q. A non-related question: Do you play any instruments, if so, what? 😃
Not anymore, but I played guitar when I was younger tho. I wish I’d have continued, so I’d have been able to make my own OST for TDA. 😉 Maybe one day I’ll get back to it, who knows.
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