New interview with HellBaron89

Q. Have you played RTCW since it’s release?

Unfortunately not, I played only the SP demo in february 2002. Next, in 2004 a friend left me RTCW pc cd-rom, I remember I played and finished it in a week.

Q. Have you been/are you playing ET aswell?

Yes, only couple times in 56k connection in 2003 (ahah), and was faster enough for play very well.. then I never played again online until 2013 in Quake Live with the skill of Warrior.

Q. Do you other stuff also for RTCW or just modding?

The real life is very busy cause work time, I wished learn Gtk Radiant to make very detailed maps (I’m a builder and designer), but I folded in texturing project.

Q. You make everything yourself or are there others to help you with, for example Venom Mod?

Initially Venom mod was a compilation with some AI tweaks. Now all you can see, especially for new blood, hd fonts, flames, ported models form ET and all new shaders and AI are made by me; Now almost all textures taken from other mods are replaced with new my textures.

Q. What made you to start modding?

The dissatisfaction of missing graphic mods for Rtcw. Saw Quake 3 in action, everyone understands Rtcw too could be better.

Q. What have you released so far for RTCW?

Venom mod and Clonewar SP map v1.1, the original ones had a bad sky texture, I replaced it and added a little effect, with permission of creator.

Q. Do you also develop something for ET?

I think a multiplayer game don’t need all these graphic changes, players looks for fast gameplay not graphics, but I does lot of thing for WolfMP with Venom Mod.

Q. Have you made any models/prefabs for RTCW and ET? If so, which ones.