New interview with HellBaron89


Q. Do still play RTCW or ET?

I still play Rtcw.

Q. What is your favourite map(s) in RTCW?

I don’t have a favourite map.

Q. How would you make RTCW better?

I wish the old rendering core of RTCW updated to solve all original bugs, and merge with some realistic solutions made for WolfMP.

Q. How do you see the RTCW and ET scene today?

The scene is getting older XD as players.

Q. Any thought on the new Wolfenstein:The New colossus?

I really don’t like new first personal shooters, included latest Wolfenstein.

Q.A non-related question: Do you play any instruments, if so, what? 😀

Yes, I’am a guitarist and bass player (for hobby), my genre is rock, folk, metal and darkwave music.


Thanks to HellBaron89 for taking time for this breif interview.


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RTCW Venom Mod

RTCW Venom Mod