7th mission of Call of Duty uploaded

7th mission of my Call of Duty playthrough has now been uploaded. This mission is called Death Factory (Huertgen Forest)

New version of the ET map Norweigan Battery

Macchute has released a new version of his ET map called Norweigan Battery.

Quoting Macchute from the read me file:

It is, just like all materials and shaders I have made, under dwtfuw licence, which means that you are free to expand upon this concept.
however you might need the .map file, don’t worry just fire away a mail to macchute@gmail.com and you will get it with or without panda milk, whatever you prefer.

So is there anything to know about this map as it is? -No

But I would like to thank UJE CLAN, and the players from UJE Teamplay server for beeing nice and having that chill ET server up so I can play some good games even when I have 24 hour cooldown on CS:GO because of b%##¤%%¤#”W”%%!!!!

Soo… that’s it 🙂 have fun!!!



Download the map here:

NorwegianBattery b7


Download the botfiles for Norweigan Battery HERE

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Source: Macchute thru WolfWatch Discord Channel


Playthrough of mission six is uploaded to Youtube

The 6th mission of Call of Duty WW2 has been uploaded. This mission is called Collateral Damage

New video from CoD:WW2 uploaded

New playthrough video of CoD:WW2 uploaded on YouTube.

This is the 4th mission and it’s called S.O.E



New CoD:WW2 playthough uploaded

Just moments ago ,I uploaded the third mission called Stronghold in Call of Duty WW2 singleplayer.

Here’s the video, enjoy.



New playthrough of CoD:WW2 singleplayer uploaded!

I just uploaded a new playthrough of Call Of Duty:WW2. This is the second mission called Operation Cobra.

Get your popcorn, sit back and enjoy a simple gameplay of a nice WW2 shooter.  😀

Will upload more playthroughs the incoming days, so stay tuned.

Here’s the video of the second mission.


Teammuppets Halloween’s bloody afterparty

Teammuppet is organizing a Bloody Halloween After party.

And everyone is welcomed!

Date: 12th of November

Time: 7 p.m. GMT (https://time.is/GMT)

Server IP:

TS3 Server: ts.teammuppet.com

Source: Teammuppet Website