RtCW – Anniversary Upgrade

ūüéā¬†Return to Castle Wolfenstein¬†Cooperative Gameplay mod aka¬†#RTCWCOOP¬†was released exactly five years ago, today!
It’s time to return to Castle Wolfenstein, together once more!

Thus the #AnniversaryUpgrade is now available to download below.

RTCWCOOP ‚ÄĒ Anniversary Upgrade

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Cooperative Mod – Version 1.0.2

MAN-AT-ARMS has released a new version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Cooperative Mod. There are versions available for “Windows”, “Linux” and “Mac”.

It’s time, once again, for you and your “RtCW” buddies to return to Castle Wolfenstein, but this time you’re not alone, you can fight against all your deadly enemies side by side. Several custom “RtCW” missions are available now too.

Download the Windows versions HERE

Download the Linux versions HERE

Download the Mac version HERE

RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

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RTCWCOOP 1.0.2 has been released

MAN-AT-ARMS has just released RTCWCOOP 1.0.2

Download it HERE

From changelog:

1.0.2 Release

  • Change default build options
  • Add Aspect Correction to HUD Options menu (cg_fixedAspect)
  • Remove redundant g_skipcutscenes in g_local.h
  • Use grey-white for armor and good health values
  • Fix some HUD items coloring / alpha
  • Just load the ingame leave menu from MP directly
  • Remove unneeded UI_SetScreenPlacement
  • Some more menu fixes
  • Fix a couple compiler warnings
  • Fix applying changes from ingame system menu / Remove ‘Set Recommended’
  • Add light blooms selection from system menus


A full changelog, can be found here.

Source: RTCWCOOP Website



The Dark Army: Q&A Interview with WolfWatch

The Dark Army is back with an interview in partnership with WolfWatch!

As promised,¬†The Dark Army: Downfall¬†is back this month, a half-year after its official reveal. In case you haven’t noticed, today marks the eight birthday of¬†Wolfenstein (2009). As you all know,¬†The Dark Armyexperience is meant to bridge the gap between the classic and the current episodes of the famous franchise, thus it is set chronologically between the aforementioned game and¬†The Old Blood, which was released in 2015. That’s why today is the day for an exclusive Q&A Interview, in partnership with¬†WolfWatch.

The last time we directly published a Q&A Interview was in 2014, but earlier this year we had the chance to be interviewed by WolfWatch. So we have decided to answer some of your questions related to The Dark Army: Downfall, but also the upcoming RTCWCOOP Anniversary Upgrade (which is coming October 5), The Dark Army: Uprising and other projects! Additionally, this interview will feature an unreleased 2015 talk with some of the voice actors of The Dark Army: Uprising.

“The blazing conclusion of The Dark Army”

  • How can you describe The Dark Army: Downfall?

The Dark Army: Downfall¬†is the second part of The Dark Army. It is the direct continuation of its prequel,¬†The Dark Army: Uprising. The Dark Army experience is meant to bridge the gap between the classic and the current episodes of the¬†Wolfenstein¬†franchise, thus it is set chronologically between¬†Wolfenstein (2009)¬†and¬†Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Be aware tho that¬†The Dark Army: Downfall¬†is not “the second half” of The Dark Army: it’s the second part, and it’s not equal in size to¬†The Dark Army: Uprising. The Dark Army was split into two indeed, but both parts are not equal. As it was stated during its reveal back in February,¬†The Dark Army: Downfall¬†is the core of The Dark Army experience. It is the blazing conclusion of The Dark Army, while being longest part of the story.¬†The Dark Army: Uprising¬†can be seen as a prologue, when¬†The Dark Army: Downfall, on its side, can be seen as the main story.¬†The Dark Army: Uprising¬†introduced you to new characters, new game-play mechanics, new character philosophies… which will all be expanded in¬†The Dark Army: Downfall.

“This could be our last project featuring B.J.”

  • What kind of story will be told in this second part?

The Dark Army: Downfall¬†may just be our last project, or the last featuring¬†Wolfenstein‘s B.J. Blazkowicz as the main character. The story revolves around him in¬†The Dark Army: Downfall. When the story of The Dark Army itself was written back in 2011, it was way shorter than it is actually. When¬†Wolfenstein: The New Order¬†was announced in 2013, to release a year after, the story of The Dark Army had been completely revised, and started more and more to be focused on the main character, B.J. Blazkowicz. As the story became way longer, the project was officially divided in 2014, after the release of the aforementioned game. That’s when the goal of The Dark Army became clear: bridge the gap between the episodes of the past, and the current/future ones. Thus the story had to bring something logical at its climax, which would have the player say “Oh damn! That’s a clever way to bring the events of the latest games!”. Hopefully, the story of¬†The Dark Army: Downfall¬†will have all it needs to make you say that once you will complete the campaign. Don’t see the story of this second part as being action-driven: along the franchise’s typical action, you’ll also find emotional, tragic, yet beautiful moments, especially since this could be our last project featuring B.J. Blazkowicz. There’s a deep message to transmit through this aspect of the mod. To conclude on that, all famous quotes used during promotion since 2013 will make 100% sense once you see how the story ends!

5th Anniversary Upgrade reveal update


RTCWCOOP tribute add-on patch, which adds remade weapon models, from The Dark Army, modern UI/HUD elements, high-quality sounds and textures…


5th Anniversary Upgrade is a RTCWCOOP tribute add-on patch, which adds remade weapon models, from The Dark Army, modern UI/HUD elements, high-quality sounds and textures… and much more! It also includes some of the magical stuff you can find in the popular RealRTCW engine mod (made by WolfETPlayer). And if returning to Castle Wolfenstein once again is still not enough for you, then you should note that this upgrade includes all compatible custom maps released until now!


Read more on their website H E R E


Reveal update: rtcwcoop.com
Forum thread: rtcwcoop.com/forum

RTCW Coop teaser


Something is going on with RTCW Coop mod at the moment and according to WolfWatch new friend, it’s huge.¬† ūüėÄ

Here’s some teaser pics:

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For those who don’t know what RTCW Coop is, here’s a little excerpt:

RTCW Coop is a Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player engine mod to make Cooperative play possible.

¬†More news about this is coming this summer.¬† ūüėČ