Walkthrough Project-X in 4 variants

Eugeny has published a walkthrough on Project-X in 4 variants.

You can watch the walkthrough below:

Official web site of the Project-X: http://rtcw.pro/

Eugeny’s MODDB blog HERE

Source: Splashdamage


New Rtcw SP Video Uploaded – Eugeny Plays Stalingrad!

Eugeny Panikarowsky has uploaded a playthrough for the Rtcw SPaddon called Stalingrad! You can watch it below.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Сталинград

Source: Ronboy Productions

New RTCW SP Video Uploaded – Eugeny’s Reptile Zombie Testing!

Eugeny Panikarowsky uploaded an interesting video that showcases the testing of a new zombie model for Rtcw SP: a reptile zombie! You can watch it below.


Source: Ronboy Productions