New Wiki Created for The Dark Army – Wikia!

A somewhat new (created in April 2017) wiki was created on Wikia for the Rtcw SP mod called The Dark Army! That’s right – The Dark Army now has a wiki that’s entirely dedicated to everything about the mod, like characters, weapons, items, and more. You can find the link below.

Wikia link:

Source: Ronboy Productions


RTCW – Completing All Trickjump Maps

Homiee has completed ALL RTCW Trickjump maps with some nice drum & bass on the background from dj’s of his hometown.

This clip is 8.41.:35 hour s long.  😯  Talk about dedication!

RTCW TJ Demos:
Some screenshots of the project etc:

Trickjump maps played

00:00 – One87 & Hookerz feat. Mc Mush & Mc Nice: SUMMERMIX 2012
56:46 – One87 & Hookerz feat. Mc Mush & Mc Nice: WINTERMIX 2012
1:58:29 – One87 & Mc Mush – Summer mix 2014
2:59:38 – One87 & Mc Mush @ Star Warz x Critical Music (04-10-2014)
3:54:40 – One87 & MC Mush – Wintermix 2015
4:53:37 – One87 & MC Mush @ Star Warz Presents Critical Music (5march 16)
5:23:42 – One87 & MC MUSH @ What U On About! 28-10-16
6:54:52 – One87 ft. MC Mush Summermix 2017
8:05:21 – Star Warz Special Mix By Agressor Bunx (for Star Warz 23/06/2017)
8:37:02 – Jarryd James – 1000x ft. Broods (Spectrasoul Remix)

Program Used:
– RTCW 1.0 / RTCW 1.4
– OBS (for video capture)
– Avidemux (for transforming video into a format which can be imported by Vegas
– Sony Vegas Pro 13

Stats for those interested:
Project duration: 25/12/2015 – 19/06/2017
Final render size: ~42 GB
Work time: ~300 hours
Render time: ~22 hours
Total Video cuts in vegas: 1674

Played on following trickjump servers: – Trickjump (1.4 shrub tj server by cassette) – AoD TJ (1.0 server with some tj mod with higher speed settings)

Soure: Crossfire

New Rtcw SP Review Uploaded – Ronboy Reviews The Dark Army: Uprising!

Ronboy has uploaded a review of the Rtcw SP standalone mod called The Dark Army: Uprising!

Note that it’s a rather long review, but it’s very detailed, so please take the time to read it. The link to the review is posted below.

Review link:

Source: Ronboy Productions

Wolfenstein 2009 OST Soundtracks Uploaded By Yo$hik!

Yo$hik has uploaded the Wolfenstein 2009 OST soundtracks! You can listen to them all below.

Bill Brown – The Ship Incident [01] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack)

Bill Brown – The Trainyard [02] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack)

Bill Brown – The Digsite [03] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack)

Bill Brown – Revealing The Machine [04] (Wolfenstein 2009 Soundtrack)

85 Prøductions looking for a Voice Actor for (The Dark Army: Downfall).

This is an unpaid position for voice acting multiple German main characters who speak English, in the upcoming The Dark Army: Downfall, Return To Castle Wolfenstein mod and sequel to the much-popular The Dark Army: Uprising which ended in the Top 100 during the 2016 Mod of the Year Awards Mod DB annual competition. The project is free and made by volunteers, no remuneration is foreseen.

They are searching for a voice actor who needs (and will need) to:
Have a high-quality microphone/headset in order to record.
• Know it’s an unpaid work; any claim will be ignored.
• Try not to leak any information about the project.
• Fill out a form, accept rights and the project’s modalities.
• Send a demo, in the original format (unmodified).
• Re-send a file on the developer’s demand if necessary.
• Take a specific tone if stipulated.
• Have a German accent while speaking English.

Core project was started in 2013, pre-development in 2014, and development in 2016. Development of the project has reached a stage where the characters need to speak. Your role will be important: you’ll give your voice to one or more German characters, who speak in English — the German accent here is really important because of the context the story takes place in: paranormal-horror World War 2; the enemies are Nazis. You can be hired to voice act multiple main characters of the story. The project design document (which includes the script) is 100-pages long; the story has many characters.

New RTCW SP Videos Uploaded – General Red Plays Arkot Mappack (Old Version)!

General Red has uploaded a playthrough for the Rtcw SP addon called Arkot Mappack (old version)! You can watch it below.

Arkot Map Pack (Old Version) – Part 1

Arkot Map Pack (Old Version) – Part 2

Arkot Map Pack (Old Version) – Part 3


Homie release his new RtCW-Movie – strafeaholic – with nice ingame jumping scenes.

The Idea: For some years now, I have been toying with the idea to make an RTCW movie with trickjump actions ingame that leads to winning docruns and some nice frags. A month ago I fell in love with the Juno Reactor track “Mona Lisa Overdrive” and I imagined this soundtrack would fit very well with this type of movie. Last week i began putting some parts in on certain audio parts I had in mind and this week the movie was finalized.

Content: Demos consist of 3v3 up to 6v6 competition play on OSP, ranging from 2012-2017. They are included in the download file, for those who want to check it out. Some random scrims, some onedaycups and some from the latest RTCW cups when United States of America WarWitch returned to cast. Some of these plays were already in some older clips i made, but most of it is new.

Nearly all DOCRUNS in the movie (including the intro sneak walljump on beach) result in finishing the round, except for:
– Jumping south on ice while there is an airstrike exploding, there was not enough time left to finish the run.
– When parcher nades while jumping south and i fall to my death because i didn’t hit the slopy ice part right cause of the boost.

Settings: I recently bought a 21:9 monitor and i thought it would be a good idea to test out its max resolution (3440×1440) combined with RTCW. I know almost nobody will have this type of monitor and it will result in black bars, but I mainly made this for myself anyways.

I included the hud (teamoverlay, time on clock, health and weaponinfo) because I think it’s important to have some context with these types of play. I know the “player1 killed player2 with mp40” text is really small, but i didn’t bother to try and fix it, because it’s not so important.

Movie Info: Length: 04:46, Filesize: 1.68 GB, Resolution: 3440×1440 (21:9), Framerate: 60, Encoder: x264, Container: avi

Enjoy the movie :)!

Full UHD movie ONLY via download (1,68 GB!)

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

Source:  SplatteladderCrossfire