Wolfenstein (2009) playthrough

Yo$ihik has published a playthrough of Wolfenstein 2009. Enjoy!

Wolfenstein (2009) | part 1

Wolfenstein (2009) | part 2

Wolfenstein (2009) | part 3

sd2009 has released a demo addon for RtCW Singleplayer


sd2009 has released a demo addon for RtCW called Byblos maps Demo for

 Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Single Player.

Download the .rar file below
byblos maps demo

Title                               : Byblos_mapsVersion
Author(s)                       : sd2009
Release Date                : 11/27/2017
E-mail Address             : sd2009_2@yahoo.com
Home Page                   : -.-
Game                            : Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Single Player
Levels                           : 02

* Construction *

Map base                       : None
Custom textures            : Various
Custom sounds             : Some
Custom models used    : Some
Custom prefabs            : None
Editors used                  : GTK Radiant 1.4
Other utilities used       : Q3Map2 version 2.5.16 (release 3), EasyGen 1.42
Known bugs                   : None 

* Installation Information and how to play *

  • Unzip to your C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder.
  • Play using the shortcut “Byblos_demo”.
  • If you have RTCW installed in another directory, you must edit the shortcut.

* Description *

This addon is a demo about Byblos levels.

* Thanks to *

Vicpas (The Motivator), Detoeni, Kat, Wezelkrozum, Obsidian, and all those that I forgot to mention from the Splash Damage forum.
Thanks for Alexander for testing and offering improvements with Vicpas.

* Notes: *

1- If you find some bugs, please email me.

2- If I forgot to give credit to someone, then please email me.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an excellent game by Gray Matter Studios,

using the engine of the game called Quake III.

Unfortunately, few mappers were interested in doing mods or maps (single player), to give continuity to the story of the hero B.J. Blazkowicz.

Enjoy and thank you,


Source: Vicpas on Splashdamage forums

History of Wolfenstein 1981 – 2017

Yoshik has uploaded a nice video of the Wolfenstein games.

Here’s the video from Yoshik

Source: Yoshik’s Youtube channel

Last mission playthrough of Call of Duty WW2

This is the last mission playthrough of Call of Duty WW2. This mission is called The Rhine.

Here you go:


New playthrough of Call of Duty WW2 uploaded

The 10th mission is now online and soon the missions is coming to an end. This mission is called Ambush.

Here you go:

New playthrough mission uploaded of Call of Duty WW2

This new playthrough of 9th mission of Call of Duty is called Battle of Bulge.


New mission playthrough of Call of Duty WW2 uploaded

The 8th mission is now online YouTube.

This mission is called Hill 493 (Huertgen Forest)

Or you can watch it here below: