RtCW Christmas Mod – Satan Claus Pack (for Vanilla and Coop)

Yo$hik uploaded today a funny video clip about RtCW Christmas Mod – Satan Claus Pack (for Vanilla and Coop).

You can download the Santa Claus Pack ZIP-file HERE

Source: Yo$hik’s Youtube Channel

Wolfenstein (2009) playthrough

Yo$ihik has published a playthrough of Wolfenstein 2009. Enjoy!

Wolfenstein (2009) | part 1

Wolfenstein (2009) | part 2

Wolfenstein (2009) | part 3

History of Wolfenstein 1981 – 2017

Yoshik has uploaded a nice video of the Wolfenstein games.

Here’s the video from Yoshik

Source: Yoshik’s Youtube channel

Q&A interview with Yo$hik from RTCW.

It’s been awile since last Q&A interview. Yo$hik is an Ukranian RtCW mapper who has contributed alot for the RtCW scene.

One of his creations is DARK MATTERS SP MAP MISSION, VENDETTA to name a few.

Q. Hello Yo$hik. How are you doing?
Hi Ray. Very well, as far as possible in this cold and wet deep autumn, thanks.

Q. Thanks for having this interview with you.
This is also a very interesting event for me. Not every day to you: knock-knock, we’re up to you to take an interview 🙂

Q. Is there a special meaning behind your nickname?
So, by this nickname hides a small particle from my childhood. My true name is Sergey, but when my godfather came to me on birthday’s or holiday’s, he always called me a hedgehog. Yes, it sounds funny. Hedgehog is the verbatim translation of the word from my native language, but if somebody said it on my language, you would have heard like «yoshik» (?????). And when in the far 2004 I got access to the Internet network, and there was a question of choosing a nickname, I chose «Yoshik». So he lives with me to this day.

Q. What made you first discover RtCW (Return To Castle Wolfenstein)?
That year, when RtCW came out, I did not have a computer, just like my friends. And neither me nor my comrades knew about the existence of this game. At that time in our small city, there were popular computer clubs where you could rent a PC for a fee and play some game to take fun. Popular then was in most cases networking multiplayers modes, but sometimes played singles campaing. And on the some day, the club’s administrator put a few new releases, among which was the Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Severance Blade of Darkness. I played a small amount of time, but both of these games fired me deeply into my heart.

New RtCW SP Addon Released – Vendetta 2 Demo!

A few days ago, Yo$hik released a new Rtcw SP addon called Vendetta 2 Demo! As you can tell by the name of the release, it’s only a demo, which means that it’s unfinished. Also, this isn’t actually a new release, because it was created around 2014, but it was never released until a few days ago. You can find the download link below. Also, you can find the “teaser” video below, which was uploaded late last year by Yo$hik

Download it HERE

RtCW: some abandoned project…


Let’s hope that Yo$hik will find the inspiration to finish this addon!

Source: Ronboy Productions


New RtCW SP Videos Uploaded – Yo$hik Plays Green Forest in “Extreme Quality” and Tatiana Plays Station!

Yesterday Yo$hik uploaded a playthrough for the RtCW SP map called Green Forest in “extreme quality”, and today, Tatiana uploaded a playthrough for the RtCW SP map called Station! You can watch both playthroughs below.

RtCW: Greenforest (Extreme quality)



Source: Ronboy Productions

New RTCW SP Video Uploaded – RealRTCW Installation Tutorial By Yo$hik!

Yo$hik has uploaded a tutorial video on how to install the RealRTCW Realism Mod for Rtcw SP by WolfETPlayer! If you’re confused on how to install this mod, then give this video a try!


Note: This tutorial video contains Russian commentary. There is an English version of a RealRTCW installation tutorial HERE



Source: Ronboy Productions