Time for a new Q&A interview

Q. Are you still playing ET or RTCW?

For the last 11 years I have spent more time with the editor than the game. It is hard to save time for both playing and mapping, that is where I have chosen mapping. I am still playing both games.

Q. Do still make maps for ET/RTCW?


Q. Any new maps on the making?

There is 2 new bigger maps currently on production. Both looks pretty finished with a quick glance.

Q. Are you still doing maps with Pegazus?

Absolutely. Pegazus keeps getting more busy, but his style, spirit and ideas are found all over the maps. Atm he is helping when he has time. I do not know if I would be still mapping if he was not along.

Q. What maps have you made so far?

Bigger maps Capuzzo Airport, River Port, Kerkyra, Western and Quotidian. For SP I have SP Capuzzo and for RTCW Coop 6 maps campaign Afrika. Then some small maps like Point Break, Duel Site, Love Duel and trickjump maps. I have also assisted in large amount of projects.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration/ideas for your maps?

Mostly playing games, walking around and relaxing on holidays. Google is a good place for detail inspiration.

Q. Do you make your own skyboxes, models and prefabs for your maps?

Yes, I think I have messed with all possible sort of aspects a ET/RTCW maps can have. We have used very few assets from other people, except the standard ET.