Time for a new Q&A interview

Q. Do you have something special in your maps that makes it unique?

Well atleast I like to add tons of scripting and make things overly complicating. We try to make things our own way and avoid too much similarities.

Q. How long does it take for you to make an map? I recall Capuzzo Airport Final, that took some time, didn’t it? 🙂

Yes bigger projects takes a lot of time, probably around 6-24 months. Smaller projects can take a few months. We tend to be too perfectionist and aim too high, only to realise the engine keeps knocking us down. Some of our projects like Capuzzo and Kerkyra has taken almost a decade, the reason was the plan was not completely clear and it got changed. Also we have hard time concentrating on single project, so we swap them fast.

Q. Do you also make waypoints for your maps?

Yes nowadays, Point Break is first project I did all by myself. For few projects I have added or edited parts when the map has changed.

Q. How do you see the ET/RTCW scene today?

I am sad to see communities or sites go down. I think ET still has more future to come. To help this we should unite. Players are spread in quite many servers.

Q. Something you would like to share with our readers?

Support your favorite community/server. Help the modding community. You will be rewarded many times the effort.

Q. Do you have a blog/website players can visit?

Our website was taken down by the host.

Q. Thank you for this small interview and hope we still see you around ET and RTCW scene.

Thank you!