WolfWatch First Interview with Thunder, founder of The Wolfteam

Q.How many years have you played ET?

actually had to check this, I joined Splash Damage forums in 2008 so I guess it was in 2007 I found and started to play the game, and done so up till now.. Not so good as I once was but I still find the ”fun” in this game, as I never have found in newer games.

Q.Have you been in any gaming communities/clans?

Well yes, actually had a lot of them myself. This was also something that started with ET. I think ”NorFighters Clan” was the very first.. then started over and over again..

But I think probably the best one was Powned Clan.

Later I have joined other clans instead as it takes some effort running a clan.

You have had The Wolfteam (TWT) website now for two years? And alot members I guess?

Atm I think we are around 25 members but there is also a lot of ”site members”, all together we are 68 now.

Absolutely got bigger than I belived in the start of this.

What is The Wolfteam making for ET? And can anyone join you guys?

Maps, mods, prefabs, models, shaders, effects and Now we also have joined our forces with ETLegacy developers and try to help them as much as we can.

Anybody is welcome to our community, even gamers who plays ET can join us and tell their ideas or if there is something that should be changed in a map of ours.

Q.When did you start to map for ET?

I dont remember actually, I remember that my first map was called bhd (black hawk down) and was terrible J , but playable

How did you learn about mapping?

The way most of us ”oldtimers” have done it:


great place to start..

Q.Was it difficult?

LOL… Yes.. Think I opened GTK Radiant about twenty times and closed it and opened again.. First time I didnt understand anything. I think I found a quick tutorial called something like :

”Dirty dogs ten step to get a map up and running.” and then I suddenly ran around in my first room of a map. And when you do that first time even how bad it is, you want to continue mapping J

Q.How many maps have you made and can you name them.

Official? Well prob round 10 maps or something like that.

And no I dont remember them all J

Q.After mapping you started to make Prefabs and models for others?

Yes, because when you are a beginner it is some stuff that is hard todo, and you want to release your first map as fast as you can, you get very eager the first time J

And with a base of prefabs its easier for anybody to make a map.

Q.Have you been in other projects for ET?

Yea did a few mods, or it started with mostly ”skin mods” later I came in touch with a very good friend of mine today XDJenkins who was able to code and later also acQu joined in and ModernFront (http://www.moddb.com/mods/modernfront)

And Reloaded (http://www.moddb.com/mods/reloaded)

Was born.. But I am not active on those mods atm no ..

Q.Anything else you would like to add here?(Closing interview)

What to say.. Thx for being first out and somebody thinks my little snip of a story is interesting.

Anybody wants to find out more… Join THEWOLFTEAM!! Or

join ETLEGACY development.


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