New Rtcw SP Video Uploaded – Eugeny Plays Olivet Castle!

Eugeny Panikarowsky has uploaded a playthrough for the RTCW SP standalone mod called The Dark Army: Uprising!

      You can watch it on RonBoy’s website H E R E There are also other videos/clips that you can find on RonBoy’s RTCW website.  😎 Visit Ronboy’s website H E R E

The lost legion clan back

The Lost Legion is an international online Gaming community that gathers players from different nations to play the Game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory since January 2008. Clantag: -L|L- The lost legion jaymod XPSAVE #1 server: forum work ip but tommorow
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WolfWatch First Interview with Thunder, founder of The Wolfteam

We decided to dive into ET World and interview guys from different resources and gaming communities. And we start with Thunder from The Wolfteam.   Hello Thunder, who are you? Hello Ray, well I am an 45 year old carpenter..
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