Playthrough of mission six is uploaded to Youtube

New video from CoD:WW2 uploaded

New CoD:WW2 playthough uploaded

Just moments ago ,I uploaded the third mission called Stronghold in Call of Duty WW2 singleplayer. Here’s the video, enjoy.    

New playthrough of CoD:WW2 singleplayer uploaded!

I just uploaded a new playthrough of Call Of Duty:WW2. This is the second mission called Operation Cobra. Get your popcorn, sit back and enjoy a simple gameplay of a nice WW2 shooter.¬† ūüėÄ Will upload more playthroughs the incoming
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Teammuppets Halloween’s bloody afterparty

Teammuppet is organizing a Bloody Halloween After party. And everyone is welcomed! Date: 12th of November Time: 7 p.m. GMT ( Server IP: TS3 Server: Source: Teammuppet Website

New RealRtCW Videos Uploaded – Tatiana Plays RealStalingrad!

Tatiana¬†has uploaded a playthrough for the¬†RealRTCW Realism Mod¬†addon called¬†RealStalingrad! Watch the videos below: Note:¬†RealStalingrad, if you didn’t know, is a much improved version of the¬†Rtcw SP¬†addon called¬†Stalingrad, that runs in conjunction with the¬†RealRTCW Realism Mod¬†by¬†WolfETPlayer. RealStalingrad_1 RealStalingrad_2 RealStalingrad_3

We are on YouTube!

  I’ve have now created a YouTube Channel. There are already a few random videos, but I’m going to make more of gameplays and other related WW2 games in the future. You can subscribe to my channel by clicking on
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